RV & Parking Information


Parking attendants and security personnel direct public parking. Parking is $5.00. Handicapped parking is located in lots A-1, A-2, A-3, and A-4 and is always free for those with handicap permit. Dealers can park in A rows, Lot 2, or Five Points. No large trucks or trailers are allowed in the handicapped lots without management approval. Trailers and large trucks must park in the Five Points area located on the backside of fairgrounds property.

RV Parking

All overnight parking must be in the RV parking area or be in a paid booth space if remaining overnight. Prices for Flea Market dealers are $35.00 per night with late departure allowed for Sunday following the close of the Market. Flea Market dealers who pay for their sites in advance pay a special rate of $30.00 per night.

Reservations & Booth Payment

Reservations are made month by month. New reservations for the next market are not accepted until one week after the conclusion of the Flea Market. This allows us to assign permanent spaces as well as waiting list requests. All Permanent Dealers must make their reservation for the following month prior to Monday following the Market at 4:30 pm CST. If you do not have a permanent space and wish to set up for the next Market, we will be glad to reserve the booth you were in provided that it is not someone’s permanent space. If the booth belongs to someone on a permanent basis, we will place you on our waiting list and get you as close to your request as possible. Dealers with more seniority will be given priority on the waiting list. You will be notified with a reservation notice that must be paid within 5 business days or the reservation will be cancelled. 

All booths must be prepaid. Checks should be made out to Tennessee State Fair Flea Market or we accept MasterCard or Visa.

Tour Bus Directions

From Interstate 65 Turn right at 1st light onto Bransford Avenue, go to 4 way stop turn left on Benton Ave, go to top for drop off and parking.

From Interstate 440 Turn left on Craighead just after cross over railroad tracks, go to 1st light turn right on Bransford, go to 4 way stop turn right on Benton Avenue, go to top for drop off and parking.